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The Devil Ship

The Ghosts of Hell Gate

Sunken Treasure

Freaks on the Waves

The Order of the Tall Ships

Bands of Steel

The Hoodlum and The Hero

The Benevolent Sea Devil

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Ye Olde Editor, 1910 - 2004

For over twenty-five years, from 1977-2003, Ye Olde Editor, George Frederic Brobyn, produced a Coast Guard Auxiliary flotilla newsletter, “The Bent Prop”. It was one of the loves of his life. During that time, upwards of 300 special feature articles were written. They range from stories and tales of the sea and unusual ships to interpretations of historical events, many of which he lived through. Feedback from his growing audience regarding these special features was extremely positive. At the time that he “laid down this oar”, he was saddened by the prospect that his writings, some of which are on computer disks, all of which have been neatly placed in a three-ring binder about 15 inches tall which sits in an honored place in his study, would languish and be discarded. Reacting to this concern, I (Ye Olde Son-in-Law), with some experience creating web sites and a background in English, offered to acquire a web domain and publish some of these features on this site. The suggestion was quickly accepted, and so here we are. We hope you enjoy the selections we've posted here. Your feedback is certainly welcome.

Ye Olde Editor was 93 years old when he passed from us.  This site is dedicated to his memory.  Below, in his own words posted a few years ago, is his reflection regarding how he became involved in this endeavor.

G. J. Chinn, May 2004

Ye Olde Editor Award

(Ye Olde Editor’s note) Recently we were asked how and why we joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary and what was the first Special Feature we printed?

After a double whammy of my beloved wife passing away and retirement from SKF (my 2 loves), within a year of each other, I found myself at a dead end with not much to keep me interested when two of my best friends took me under their wings. They were Al and Kay Baccini whom we had known for many years and who had moved to Ocean City, NJ. Al wanted a boat and found one in Virginia Creek, a 43-foot trawler which he bought. Al, a former professor at Drexel University, had told me sometime before that he could do everything on the boat but navigate it, so I was "it" for that duty. So, it behooved me to get cracking. Therefore, through Andy Kratzer, met at the Philadelphia Boat Show, I joined Flotilla 65, passed the quals for membership and the written part and chart work of the Auxmis Piloting course. The Auxmis work was passed due to the heavens dropping a 20-inch snowfall in Ocean City, NJ, which marooned us on a dining room chair for 7 days. This was the only way we could have concentrated on one subject long enough to pass it.

Then came 12 trips up and down the intercoastal, 18 years of teaching Coastal Piloting, and nearly 22 years chained to an oar called the BENT PROP. Where did all the years go? This was the first Special Feature and was to be a balloon to see if Special Features would fly. They did and how! This then is how I added this third and last love to my life, and found a talent I never knew I had. Kay and Al now have joined that legion of those who have passed on but can never be forgotten, but their old navigator goes on and on.

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